Plant based Friday

What is Plant-based Friday

Plant-based Friday

What is Plant-based Friday. Encouraging eating wholesome plant-based foods for our health and the health of the planet. Plant-Based Friday is a campaign of the Seeding Greatness Foundation. Seeding An educational program that encourages eating plant-based foods for wellness and the health of the planet.

Plant-based Friday represents plant-based wellness consumers and the plant-based community. We encourage the budding plant-based industry to creatively focus on empowering and serving Healthy Happy Holistic Humans.

Seeding Greatness

Plant-Based Friday is a campaign and growing movement of the Seeding Greatness Foundation. Plant-based Friday and Seeding Greatness’s other programs of Vegan R Us, Vegan R Us Magazine, Gourmet Vegan Magazine, Black Vegan Brand, the Plant-based Almanac, and Plant-based Pets.

What is Plant-based Friday?

Plant-based foods are the only sensible way to eat today.

Plant based Friday

We are pro-environment, wellness, health, and affordability. Supporting environment conservation & sustainability. Providing tasty, texture, and healthy foods. Simply put; plant-based eating replaces bad food choices with good food choices

Eating less meat and eating more healthy plant-based foods greatly reduce the incidence of chronic preventable diseases. It protects our planet and preserves precious land and water resources; eliminates factory farming, saves animals, and positively impacts climate.

Plant based Friday

Plant-based Friday is a simple message. Build a Happy and Healthy new you; one day at a time. Every Friday eat at home or a local restaurant and enjoy healthy plant-based meals.

Research shows that big changes start with small simple steps. We build habits over a 66-day period. Eating Plant-based just one day a week will lead to two days and then perhaps three, and after a while, you feel healthier and happier. And soon Plant-based Friday will lead you to eat and enjoy fruits, vegetables, and plant-based meals throughout the week.

While “Plant-based” has become a catch-all phrase there are really three distinct categories of plant-based eating.

The term “plant-based” encompasses a variety of dietary options that include low (or no) amounts of animal-source foods, such as dairy and meat, and consists primarily of high amounts of plant-source foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and plant-derived products. In general, a product or food can be categorized as “plant-based” if it doesn’t include any ingredients made from an animal, not highly processed and from a natural plant source.

There is no one exact way to eat a plant-based diet, but rather a variety of options. Choices range from no-animal products (vegan) to mostly-plants, but occasionally eating meat and animal-based foods.

What is Plant-based Friday?

Plant -based friday focuses on the three plant-base eating options.
Flexitarian / Vegan / Vegetarian
  1. Flexitarian. Following a diet that consists primarily of plant-based foods, but occasionally incorporating small quantities of animal-based products (meat, seafood, and dairy) into meals. The idea is to reduce the consumption of most animal products, but being flexible, a.k.a. “flexitarian,” in one’s dietary choices when needed or desired.
  2. Vegetarian. Avoiding all meat (no beef, chicken, seafood, or pork). Incorporating some non-meat animal products like fluid dairy, cheese, eggs, and honey into a diet.
  3. Vegan, Not eating any food or ingredient derived from an animal. Example; meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, or honey. Many practicing vegans also extend their dietary choices into other areas of their lifestyle, such as not wearing leather and not purchasing products made with animal ingredients. Vegan was coined by English animal-rights activist Donald Watson in 1944. Vegan refers to individuals who fully abstain from all animal products for ethical reasons. Today, someone who identifies as a Vegan can be making the choice for a number of reasons; including environmental conservation, animal welfare, or personal health.

Benefits of a plant-based diet

For your health

Plant-based ingredients and foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and grains are typically low in saturated fat and cholesterol, high in fiber, and excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. Adding more plant-based meals and consuming less meat in your diet have been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease.

That being said, not all plant-based foods are created equal. Sugar is entirely plant-based, and so is bleached (refined) white flour, but these ingredients retain few nutrients. Nutritionists agree that these foods should be consumed in moderation. Focusing on whole grains, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like walnuts, chia, and hemp seeds, algae-based oils, etc., fruits, vegetables, and unsaturated fats provide a protective health benefit.

For the environment

An overwhelming body of scientific research shows the detrimental impact of industrial livestock, chemical pesticides, and factory farming on the environment. A predominately plant-based diet is more sustainable than one centered on meat and dairy products because industrial animal agriculture uses more land, water, and natural resources than plant-based foods. Livestock production alone contributes an estimated 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions from human activities — more than our entire transportation sector.

So, how do you start?

#Plant-based Friday is a simple weekly practice that accommodates individual preferences and lifestyles. The only basic requirement is to slowly reduce unhealthy eating choices, and gradually replace them with healthy choices. It’s an easy way to become more familiar and comfortable with plant-based foods, and kick-start a healthy eating lifestyle.

#Plant-basedFriday is an easy way to become a Happy Healthy Holistic Human by gradually adding more tasty plant-based meals to your lifestyle.

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Plant-based Friday

Plant-based Friday and its sister Seeding Greatness programs encourage plant-based adapters to replace bad food choices with good food choices

Focus on Happy Healthy Holistic Humans’

Plant-based Friday was created by Steven Monahan who after surviving a terminal illness became an animal and nature philanthropist. Steve founded the Seeding Greatness Foundation. Steven is a former Fortune 100 executive now a philanthropist for the environment and animals. Steven is the licensee and creator of TEDx Dupree Park, Greater Atlanta, whose mission is curating and producing TED talks, bringing and speakers from across the planet with ideas worth sharing for seeding greatness.

What is Plant-based Friday?
Plant based Friday

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