Welcome to Plant-based Friday

Plant-based Friday – #PlantBasedFriday – is a movement that encourages Americans to eat plant-based foods for their physical and emotional wellness and the health of the planet.

Eating less meat and more healthy plant-based foods helps reduce the incidence of chronic preventable diseases, preserve precious farm and forest land and water resources. Eliminate factory farming, save animals, and creates a positive impact to combat climate change.

#Plant-basedFriday represents plant-based wellness consumers. We encourage the budding plant-based industry to creatively focus on empowering and serving Healthy Happy Holistic Humans

Taste, Texture, Environment, Wellness, Health, and Affordability

Drive Health and Wellness

Drive Environment led Conservation & Sustainability

Deliver clean, tasty, texture, healthy foods

Encourage plant-based adapters to replace bad food choices with good food choices

Focus on Happy Healthy Holistic Humans

Eating less meat and more healthy plant-based foods can help reduce the incidence of chronic preventable diseases. It also preserves precious land and water resources, eliminates factory farming, saves animals, and positively impacts climate.

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#Plant-basedFriday was created by animal welfare philanthropist, Steven Monahan. Steven is the founder and Executive Director of Ahimsa Humane Society.org, and the licensee organizer of TEDxDupreePark.