Plant-based Friday

4 Items in Your Kitchen to Throw Away Today

4 Items in Your Kitchen to Throw Away Today. From # Plant based These 4 items can create toxins in your food. Do not use them, or store foods in them.

  1. Nonstick pans made of Teflon. It is too easy to overheat on the stove. When overheated the coating releases toxic fumes called polymer fumes in humans that kill human lungs and Teflon Flu that kills birds.
  2. Plastic Storage Containers. The polymers break down and contaminate your food. Save leftovers, soups, vegetables, fruits, etc. in glassware, not plastic ware.
  3. Plastic utensils and Tools. Spatulas, Spoons, Colanders, Measuring cups, etc.
  4. Styrofoam, plastic cups, and water bottles. All contain chemicals that leach into liquids. Use ceramic mugs for hot beverages. If allowed take your own ceramic mug to your favorite coffee shop.

Plant-based Friday – # PlantBasedFriday – is a movement that encourages Americans to eat plant-based foods for their physical and emotional wellness and the health of the planet. #PlantbasedFriday is a community program of Green Pets America Charities to help people eat healthier as they reduce the consumption of animals and save farmland and forests.

Plant-based Friday

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